VetRx Veterinary Remedy (Pigeons)

Aids in treating chronic respiratory disease in pigeons. This is a all natural herbal product. For use in racing and show pigeons or chickens and turkeys with a respiratory problem. Will treat respiratory disease (CRD), including colds, sneezing, pneumonia, crop, throat canker and scaley face and legs.

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Recommended For:

Pigeons, Chickens, Turkeys.


May use full strength with a dropper or Mix 1 teaspoon into 1/2 cup of very warm water.

Nostrils and Throat: Using a dropper treat both nostrils with two drops in each. Continue this treatment twice daily for 7 days. During the 7 day treatment you may also put one drop down the birds throat each time you treat the nostrils.

Eye Pack: If eyes are badly swollen, make a pack about one inch square of cotton. Dip the pack into solution and place over infected eye. Then with another piece of cotton, gently drip warm solution over the eye pack. Continue for about 5 minutes each day until you see improvement.

Under Wings: Put a drop of VetRx full strength (warm) from bottle under wings of each bird you are treating. When the bird puts its head under either wing while resting, the vapors will help relieve cold symptoms.

Canker Removal:  For a small canker in the throat, treat throat with warm drops, full strength from the bottle, for 4 to 5 days. Then immediately following fourth or fifth treatment, while throat is oily from the VetRx, you may take a fine hair pin and slowly scrape the canker off.

Vaporizer:  For a vaporizer fill cup with VetRx and operate vaporizer for at least one hour while birds are roosting, no more than twice weekly.

Side Effects:



Alcohol, Canada balsam, camphor, oil of origanum and oil of rosemary in a corn oil base.


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Store in a cool place out of sunlight.


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