Purina® Chick Grit 5lb

Purina® Chick Grit is recommended for chickens, turkeys and game birds who are foraging.

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Chickens do not have teeth. Instead, they often swallow food whole and break it down in the gizzard. Grit aids in feed breakdown. If fed a commercially-prepared complete feed, grit is not needed since the ingredients in a complete fe

Features & Benefits

Proper size for easy digestion

Crushed granite, sized for easy swallowing and healthy digestion

Feeding Directions

Provide free choice next to feed or mix 1 lb with 20 lbs of feed. Provide to young birds up to 18 weeks of age.
Use only as directed. If an excessive amount of grit accumulates in the feed troughs, reduce the level added.
Purina® Chick Grit is sized for small chicks and aids digestion in situations where chicks eat whole grains, seeds, and other non-commercial foodstuffs.

ed are already ground into small enough pieces that a digestive aid is not necessary.


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